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    Hacking TheFlow has discovered a major exploit called bd-jb for PS3, PS4, and PS5, can be used to load game backups burned to discs

    That's a problem. But also, the real worst part is that the exploits get patched :rofl:
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    Best Wired Controller

    Is it possible that the lag you're feeling is from the TV you're playing on and not from the controller? At the very least, you can try putting it in Game/Gaming mode. There might be additional settings for your specific model to get the lowest latency. If you have a PC monitor, try hooking...
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    'Splatoon 3' release date revealed

    I'm not even necessarily hating, I just wanted to confirm my suspicions. I don't want to get excited thinking I'm getting a new game whenever I'm just paying 60 bucks to continue playing a game I already own.
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    'Splatoon 3' release date revealed

    What could they possibly be doing with this that they can't just add to Splatoon 2? This seems more like "pay $60 if you want to continue playing with the largest player-base."
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    I'm okay with him rage-quitting. What I'm not okay with is working for the "enemy". Every exploit that he reports is one that gets patched and the opportunity is removed for someone else to discover it. It might be understandable if he was getting paid big money, but he's not. To someone of...
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    GOG releases 1999's Wheel of Time and introduces "Good Old Game" tag as it refocuses on classic games

    I would have preferred they released Devotion and apologized for taking it down. You can get Lego Racers on abandonware sites, if you're looking to scratch an itch.
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    Kirby and the Forgotten Land has leaked

    Obligatory question from an SX user: What's the minimum firmware requirement? Oh, and make sure to not actually say the required firmware in your response. Just start an interrogation/flame war about how SX sucks, 'why don't you just migrate?'...
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    PCSX2 HD texture pack group on GBAtemp

    (Wrong thread. How do I delete?)
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    Will SXOS boot to launcher menu on unsupported FW?

    If you want to boot straight into something besides the SX bootloader, you need to set it up like the SX Core. Search on the forum for instruction.
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    PlayStation 4 OFW 9.00 Jailbreak released, can reportedly affect PS5 consoles as well

    It's a non-issue (at least so far) with the PS4 scene because none of the exploits work on the latest firmware. So you can't log into PSN and also run this exploit (since you have to be on old firmware to run the exploit).
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    GOG removes 'Hitman - Game of the Year Edition' from its storefront following backlash over online requirements

    It's not an "Online Mode" as in playing with other people. It's still single-player, it just locks off a ton of features if you're not connected to the Internet. Almost none of these features should require an internet connection. Offline saves are kept separate than online saves. You don't...
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    i accidentaly removed the dongle before hekate loaded and now my switch wont turn on

    Firstly, don't panic. Your Switch isn't broken. It can just be finicky and confusing. Do you have autoRCM enabled? That can make it difficult to tell whether the system is off or in recovery mode (since the screen doesn't turn on in recovery mode unless you inject a payload). So you may be...
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    Any chance we'll be able to run backups of the Kingdom Hearts Cloud ports?

    Correct. The games won't run on Switch hardware as they are. That's why they are being run in the cloud. Not that the Switch isn't powerful enough to run the games, it's just that the devs are lazy and this is a cash-grab.
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    Hacking Is there still a problem with shutting down from the HOS? (battery drain with AutoRCM)

    If your Switch has autoRCM, and you do not send a payload, it will just show a black screen when it boots. This black screen is indistinguishable from the Switch just being off. The system will not charge while on this black screen. When you plug in the system to charge it, the system tries to...
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