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    Hacking Good realiable place to order real cyclo ds?, I've ordered 6 cyclo already always fast shipping
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    Homebrew moonshell = overrated

    I like moonshell so far, why should I carry on me an Ipod and the ds when I can just use the ds to play games and listen to music, thats the way I look at it
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    Hacking How much did it all cost you :|

    Nds Lite Black with Brainage2: $145 (Ebay) Cyclods w/ 2gb Microsd: $57 (Realhotstuff)
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    Hacking where to buy a Cyclo DS Evo

    Ill go with realhotsuff also, I bought mines on dec 31 got it on the 6th of Jan
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    Hacking Which flashcart to get?

    I'll save up for the cyclo after reading all the reviews here in the forums I bought the cyclo got it yesterday and i'm really pleased with it so far.
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    Hacking should i buy a edge, itouch or cyclos

    Im a noob on all this, and I just got my Cyclods Evo yesterday and it works great, so I would recommend to spend a lil more and buy a cyclo
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    Hacking GBAtemp's Official List of Flashcart Dealers

    bought my cyclods from realhotstuff on dec.31 got it today jan 6 good shipping everything looks good so far
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    Hacking Which Slot 1?

    After reading some reviews here in Gbatemp I bought the cyclods, just bought it so I can say how it works but after all everyone recommends it
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    Hacking GBAtemp's Official List of Flashcart Dealers

    Bought my cyclods today from will update when I get it.
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