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    Where to buy SX core?

    I have one more original SX LITE after selling nearly all of my sx lites i can safely say that they work well.
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    How high can Dogecoin go before it crashes?

    lol SHIB is some pump & dump shitcoin, people that i went to school with are saying that its the next big thing so I yeaaaaa elon musk won't have that much impact in the long run, hold your good coins! the s&p500 is also down from ath gonna be a while until we're back up there i feel like(which...
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    Hacking Sx Core and Sx Lite , test Units Received

    i still have 2 sx lites from my orignal 9
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    Hacking Question Are Sx Core Mod Chips Still available?

    i dont have sx core but I still have 2 sx lites left :D wish i bought more now
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    What is your opinion on online rp?

    it becomes cringe when it gets way too serious
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    How high can Dogecoin go before it crashes?

    Even if doge reaches $1 it wont be for a long time. People saying that it will go to $10 when it hasnt even reached $10
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    What is your favourite cryptocurrency trading app and why?

    Binance is easy to use, has low fees and a lot of types of currencies. It's always recommended to not keep your crypto on the exchanges, and keep them in your own private wallet.
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    Hacking Seems TX is not completely done - SX OS update coming soon™

    oh man, i hope they update it, and also let users activate the licence :( but i dont have high hopes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I STILL have one more SX LITE, i sold the others ;)
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    Rumor Possible SX Switch modchip clones appear on Taobao marketplace

    holy shit doge is at 0.58 wtf I still have 4 SX lites :D
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    Hacking Sx Core and Sx Lite , test Units Received

    I would do that but I dunno how to. I only have sx lites
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    Where to buy SX core?

    If anyone is looking for an sx lite, I do have 8 of them.
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    Hacking Sx Core and Sx Lite , test Units Received

    I have 8 sx lites still left that i bought a while back, after 2 fried consoles I gave up...
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    Hacking stuck on boot.dat

    Hi, this is my second switch (first one failed somehow) but I'm getting the green light and I get to the boot.dat screen and I cant get passed that. I've tried 2 different SD cards samsung evo 32gb and a 16gb sandisk ultra both dont work. I tried formatting them a few times with different...
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    Hacking Question I soldered too many points sx lite

    Hi, I accidentally used too much solder, and it connected all 4 of these circles this is what it looks like, sorry for the bad quality, and theres a lot of paste flux around it, is that something I need to clean with isopropyl alcohol? -...
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    New here

    Welcome, Im new here as well. I need to check out the older consoles, my first console was a ps1, good old days
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