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    ROM Hack WIP Robotics;Notes ELITE Translation patch

    Tried to port the dash patch for switch but for some reason it hates the letter "i" and puts a space before and after like half of every letter i that appears, guess that one's not happening
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    ROM Hack WIP Robotics;Notes ELITE Translation patch

    I've found that the chapter cards on my version are named without the _en at the end of the file names. Is that a mistake or is this different from your version? They only started working after I updated this. Also, are the character names supposed to swap around after applying the patch...
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    ROM Hack WIP Robotics;Notes ELITE Translation patch

    My title ID for R;N Elite is 0100B3E00F2C8000 Having trouble getting the game to patch, maybe its something to do with me using a cartridge version? Or being part of the Elite+DaSH double pack? hmm...
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    Homebrew PinBox - Desktop remote streaming

    ...its an app for the nintendo 3ds dude if you want this kind of thing on mobile look up teamviewer
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    ROM Hack Super Mario 3D Land - Model Importing

    Yo thanks for the quick guide, it and the animation files helped me make my Steve model import! (it's on gamebanana, i cant post a link here) A tip though, turn off "loop" on the StarStart/StarEnd material animation files otherwise you end up with an infinite star power glitch
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    apparently im 19

    apparently im 19
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    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp SX PRO Give-away WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    Ay I liked and followed, hope I win one hehe
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    Homebrew [Functional POC] DiscordCTR

    wait is this dead? is there ANY discord clients now?
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    Tutorial Converting special mii to qr code!

    I'll get right to it, thanks to AllZ0ku for making this working tutorial of how to make a qr code out of a special mii! WHAT YOU NEED: HxD (hex editor) JKSM (3ds app) Mii Edit Tool (this is optional...
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    ROM Hack [Request] Mii HEX to QR Code converter…

    Dammit I came here expecting something good
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    Tutorial [Tutorial] A basic guide for Gateshark to NTR translation

    hay im trying to convert fishguys 0xE code, but there isnt anywhere showing how to convert it... wondering if you could help. the code is D3000000 00000000 002F1078 ED901A97 002F1084 E1A00000 DD000000 00000400 002F1078 EA0BE9F8 E05EB860 00000010 E59F7004 EE017A10 EAF41603 C2400000 D2000000...
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    ROM Hack help open .cro files

    im trying to find out how to edit textures of pokemon but nvm i found a helpful video (for those who might see this the vid is )
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    ROM Hack help open .cro files

    so how are you meant to edit when its full of bin files, cro files and music files?
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    Homebrew Anybody wants Aperture Science 3DS (portal 3DS) compiled version (.3dsx)

    this is awesome, but the second level is unplayable. every single time i fire a blue portal it crashes, and i have to reboot my 3ds. i know its unfinished, but why is nobody releasing the same file thats in the video? its completely different! theres not even like a level select menu like there...
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