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    Apple iOS 5 Jailbreak - Cydia - Can't get SBSettings?

    ^this is true, ios5 untethered has just been released, so all the main repos are being hammered only thing you can do is wait, or just keep refreshing (changes>refresh)
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    Gaming Free avatar helicopter codes

    thanks used the code HQCRD-DH7DM-JDG3G-KD4GF-YH9VZ
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    Gaming Batman arkhum asylum help.

    been a while since i played, but are the normal gel and the proxy gel in the same inventory thingy? if not, change? if they are though, can't help, sorry
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    Antoligy's Steam Giveaway Contest Thing

    vectors are just a type image, generally made with adobe illustrator or similar. they are used because the lineart looks extremely clean, and they are infinitely resizable with losing quality.
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    Steam Giveaway!

    i love you like woah!
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    Antoligy's Steam Giveaway Contest Thing

    fixed it; thanks
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    Antoligy's Steam Giveaway Contest Thing

    thanks, hope these are appropriate
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    i successfully recovered the majority (95%) of my savefiles, games and homebrew from my microSD that felt like corrupting i used recuva, mentioned above
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    Gaming Internet acting up again

    try changing the dns to the google server how to do it with vista/7 how to do it with xp
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    Songs that you've heard

    planet caravan by black sabbath.. its just so laid back and awesome also, anything by electric wizard, cos its just so sludgey and awesome
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    Homebrew homebrew nyan (DS Entry)

    err... this was posted 1 day before the hbb entry, and if you read the other topic, it says that it was inspired by this
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    The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle for fellow temper

    thanks so much, what a nice guy
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    Hardware Whats your internet speed?

    slower than 91% of australia :\
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    Gaming Blurry icons and torrent speed issues

    oh, well, still, the chrome icon still stands also, they appear to be scaling incorrectly or something, look at aquria, fiesta, or gunz, and they are scaled correctly, blurred and stuff, but others are kind of jagged EDIT: hmm... apparently, chrome doesn't have one either.... i could've sworn...
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    Gaming Blurry icons and torrent speed issues

    i know for a fact that utorrent, steam and chrome have high-res icons, so that isn't where the problem lies.
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