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May 18, 2017
Dec 24, 2008
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    Sep 19, 1985 (Age: 32)
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    south of france
    style : casual<br />sexuality : bisexual but i do prefer boy<br />relathionship : none, yeah i'm a forever available guy *lol*<br />nintendo ds : i have 2 ds lite a black and a white one.<br />flashcards : only an old m3 real<br />other console : wii 4.3 E hacked with homebrew channel and custom mios for game cube backups<br />usbloader gx with hdd 250 Gb packard bell store and save<br />xbox 360 not hacked &quot;yet&quot;<br />and nintendo 3ds

    i'm a big anime fans and have so far collected over 300 series and over 200 ova/movies (reaching 6Tb). i'm 26 (soon 27), half german (from mother) half japanese (from father) but live in south of france (good weather almost all year :) ), virgo, blood type O , light-blue eyes (they have a tendency of turning green when exposed to light ^^') brown hair, i'm a big guy 1m76 for 85 Kg, very athletic (can run 100m in 10s 36) and play all kind of sports soccer, basket, baseball and i used to play american football (running back position) in my younger days. My center of interests are games, animes (that i encode myself, my favs are hellsing ultime, another, seitokai yakuindomo, code geass, death note, one piece, fairy tail, gundam seed, mirai nikki, beelzebub and many other) , manga, j-rock, heavy and black metal (all hail king diamond and sabaton ^^), all computer related stuff (but i'm not a nerd lol) and watching horror movies. i'm a friendly guy and like to help other, i only speak french and english fluently, i have a fetish for cute things (especially cat =^_^= nya), i like to hang out with my buds and my work colleague at party ^^ (but i drink moderatly and only when i'm not driving), i'm serious but funny (i like to play stupid prank).
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