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    Homebrew Citra - Pokemon Sun/Moon/ORAS/XY Discussion/Troubleshooting

    Does anyone know if i can save someone´s Wifi batltle on my 3ds ? I know we can make it with our own battles, since they are saved on sd card But i wonder if i can import my friend's wifi battles to my sd card so i can record videos with citra
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    Hacking Coverflow demo (Themes)

    thanks for explanation it worked ! =D
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    Hacking Gc controller on the System menu ?

    Is it possible via firmware update or any hacks to be able to use the gamecube controller on the wii menu? I hate when wiimote´s battery go down and i cant even start a game
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    Hacking Coverflow demo (Themes)

    So... i´ve download and installed the wad, but i keep getting this error when starting the loader: "Can´t find DOL file... restarting wii" what did i do wrong ?
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    Homebrew Geebox: How do i play files in sequence?

    I´d like to play my musics without stopping in Geexbox. How should i do that? I know i may do a .pls Playlist (but as long as it doesnt play files from diferent folders), Is there any other way ?
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    Homebrew Ftpii with USB2 support

    does it give really diference from usb1.1 ? cause wifi is already low speed transference
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    Homebrew Which media player to use for usb hdd

    i prefer geexbox meplayer just gives me errors ¬¬´
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    Hacking ? about FTPii 0.0.19

    i have the same problem ftpii doesnt reconize my HD isnt there anyway to transfer files from pc to HD by Wi-fi ? =/
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    Hacking Preloader without the hacks is still useful ?

    I have preloader, but i cant get hacks installed (sd card doesnt read). so my question is: is a preloader still useful or can i get it removed? does it gives me any brick protection or not ?
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    Hacking Hacks.ini file doesnt load in Preloader 0.29

    Please somebody help me !! I have tested already all the ways I can think of but my preloader cant read my SD card (i´ve already tested with another one too but no sucess) it always give me this error: "No sd card found." And when i try to install hacks : "Couldn´t find hacks.ini neither on...
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    Hacking Ok I have been away for a while ...what is bootmii

    i have preloader too, and would like to install it also, but im afraid of
  12. BigBolt

    Hacking Is it possble to play backup games through Disc Channel without a modc

    Is it possble to play backup games through Disc Channel without a modchip?
  13. BigBolt

    Hacking How do I know what Ios i have installed?

    thanks for AnyTitle Deleter Mod but what about my other question ? What happens if i install a IOS already installed ?
  14. BigBolt

    Hacking How do I know what Ios i have installed?

    I´ve tried Any tittle deleter, but it only gives me codes, and i cant undestand nothing ! How do I know what IOSes, CIOSes i have installed in my Wii? BTW, What happens if i install a IOS already installed ?
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    Hacking The Preloader Guide

    please, can anyone answer my question? why my sd card cant be read in preloader ? it always gives me an error: SD card not found i´ve tested with other, and have the same problem i reinstalled preloader, and still nothing... My Wii is 4.0 u
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