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    Hacking R4 3ds Not loading

    Hi all I got this R4 card and a modded DSi XL. When I go into the dash I get an icon and metroid fusion demo. When I load it I get a black screen with text saying erro loading reboot the console. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong please Ta B
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    Neo Geo Mini

    Hi All, I am trying to get this latest version but its saying I need to sign up to Telegram or something, I anit cool in doing that. Does anyone have an alturnative way to grab these files please.
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    Hardware GBA Start and Select issue

    Hi all I gotta GBA with nothing happening when I press Start but when I press Select it presses Start & Select at the same time. The insides are pretty clean and it's not an issue with the membrane. Any ideas
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    Hacking Error formatting hard drive

    So Wii came can run from a FAT32 drive now and doesnt have to be WBFS any more. Also is 100% Fat32 a program or just format all the 1TB to fat32??
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    Hacking Error formatting hard drive

    Hi all I gotta 1tb hardcdrive that I have partitioned 50/50 for wii and gc. The issue I have is I cant seem to format any patition to wbfs. If I use wbfs manager to format I get an error If I use wiibackupmanager it seens to format but it doesn't really as it doesn't show on the wii Console...
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    Hacking NoPaystation games not loading HEX-Flow Loader

    Hi All Ive downloaded a few NoPaystation games and they show up in HEX-Flow Loader but they dont start, they just reboot HEX-Flow Loader. I also tried OneMenu but the games dont show up at all. Any ideas?
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    Hacking PKGI Error

    Hi All I keep getting the below error when I try and download vita games. It only happens with Vita games the other formats download fine. Any ideas please
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    Hacking Error

    I've been out the loop with ps3 modding for a while so thought I would jump back in. I am running 4.84 with Han I have .pkg installer installed and I installed some of my old .pkg files. When I try an run them, they go to start then I get error 80010017. I have tried both modes, Debug & Han...
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    Hacking Emulation RetroArch/Libretro Thread: PS Vita Edition! Nightlies Included

    Any chance of running Amstrad CPC core?
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    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    Anyone looked at C64 in retroarch, I find it unplayable. It seems you have to keep going into the menu and swapping ports, swapping keyboard/joystick. Is it an early release that's gonna be ironed out as it seems to run games great, but getting past the crack screens is very difficult.
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    Homebrew WIP Someone is porting the NES mini app Interface to switch

    It's nice but it does run sloooooow
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    Hacking Homebrew channel not working

    Yer 6.6 sorry, all updated now. Thanks for your help and a great guide that
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    Hacking Homebrew channel not working

    Hi All, Can somebody help me out please. I'm trying run the hbchannel on my 3ds but I get this error I thought it might be my luma as I'm on this. But it won't let me update it as I'm getting this grrrrrr and it kicks me back out to the main menu. Any ideas
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    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    I might of missed it but I'm having like crackerly sound on psx and pcecd, is there an option I need to check?
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