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    Wii #2439 - Hello Kitty: Seasons (USA)

    Hello kitty and, just, like, epic! - as theys says on the's internets.
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    Wii #2421 - Def Jam: Rapstar (Europe)

    I got the ntsc version and found it really hard to read the on-screen lyrics. I had to resort to finding the words online and printing them out. This also meant i had the sweary versions of the words but the game doesn't seem to be able to tell the difference between a "f**k" and a "flip"
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    Wii #2259 - DJ Hero 2 (Europe)

    Only had 1 little go so far, but first impressions seem good. The tunes seem a great deal better than from DJ Hero 1, which - apart from the DJ Shadow, Scratch Perverts and Eric B and Rakim remixes - were mostly dreadful and totally un-danceable! The first one was a massive disappointment for...
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    Wii #2156 - Gold's Gym Dance Workout (USA)

    My mrs has been playing this for the last couple of days and she loves it, she's gong to use it to help choreograph the Zumba fitness classes she runs. Can't see me ever playing it but I like to watch her playing in that "wii fit girl" kinda way
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    Wii #2144 - Dance! It's your Stage (Europe)

    That's transplanted pubes, not a beard! Anyone else immediately think "douchebag"? ...Just me then
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    Wii #2135 - Shimano Extreme Fishing (Europe)

    I used to work for a Jap company...No dis there btw...anyways. With all good companies from that area if they have an expertise in something, i.e high quality engineering, then they hit all the markets that they can - or at least did. Nuff said on the Shimano business model, I'm off to play...
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    Wii #2130 - We Cheer: Dancing Spirits! (Japan)

    My daughter liked the original. But I found it to be nearly as terrible as that new broadway dancing this better than the dodgy flash port that was We cheer, or will i hate it just as much? EDIT:- I have to say that I quite liked Just Dance and I'm kinda looking forward to the next...
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    Wii #2101 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (Europe)

    Right then, just gone out and bought it....just played a round of random 18....and.... Apart from the new view, which is nice but totally unnecessary, its basically the same as the others. Doesn't make it a bad wii game, but it feels like a bit of a rip off if you have tiger 10 and M+ already...
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    Wii #2111 - U-Sing Johnny Hallyday (France)

    WOW. Where the hell did this come from?? Gets my vote for most random rhythm game yet. If we're gonna get super regional/"special interest" on this shnizzle.... Bring on Rockband N-Dubz!
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    Wii #2101 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (Europe)

    Can anyone confirm its any good? I've got all the other Tiger games and each time I think "Hang on, this is the same as the last one? Why did I bother with this one!"
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    Wii #2047 - Super Mario Galaxy 2 (USA)

    Just in case anyone was wondering..... It's a great game. If you liked the first one (which you should) then this is more of the same - which aint no bad thing. Decent Wii games don't come along too often and this one is well worth the d/l or dvd or usb disc space or whatever...hell I think I'm...
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    Wii #1920 - Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep (Europe)

    A really excellent title, if more Wii games were as innovative as this we'd be less laughed at by ps3\360 owners. I played the first one when it came out and although i quite enjoyed it i never went back after a couple of plays. I've been on this one most of the day! The added salvage aspect...
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    Wii #1887 - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (v1.01) (Europe)

    I purchased this game. I found out about the mono sound thing and registered myself with activision for a "free replacement disc" fuck all! So I'm gonna d/l this in a big piratey (if there is such a word) way and say "Thanks for my promised free disc i never got and fuck you...
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    Wii #1874 - Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy (USA)

    Ripped the disc, opened it in wiiscrubber, extracted "ios58-64v5918" and then installed it with a wad manager, now the game runs (original or backup) direct from the disc channel as any other wii game should. Basically a total success, big thanks to doyma. Hopefully this'll help any other peeps...
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    Wii #1874 - Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy (USA)

    Thanks again doyma, I'll get stuck into that thread you linked. Cheers.
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