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    Comment by 'Bat420maN' in 'This PS5 message looks promising...'

    At least it's got some kind of protection in place to stop it from exploding. Kinda sucks for me though I pretty much live in a desert during the summer months.
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    hello all im faroosi owner of every nintendo console ever

    You ain't got to lie to kick it!
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    Hacking Has darkumbra been shut down

    I probably shouldn't attach myself to this shit at all but, if you see this Shadow, sorry dude, this sucks!
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    Settle a discussion for us

    There are at least 12 people that voted and have never seen Short Circuit.
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    Gaming The Switch isn't living up to its fullest potential, and here's why

    SEGA had 18 different versions of the same fucking console, that's why those worked. My PS2 wouldn't play a PS1 game at all not sure if the other models did, but they all didn't. Not sure why you brought up XBOX, what I said stands 100% for them. BC is a newer concept, that young kids think...
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    Gaming The Switch isn't living up to its fullest potential, and here's why

    What I said stands up fine, besides Nintendo, it wasn't really a thing till last gen. The only people that expect it are under the age of 20, cause anyone older remembers that shit not working that way.
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    Gaming The Switch isn't living up to its fullest potential, and here's why

    That's kind of every piece of entertainment at this point, there are no new movies or TV, it's all rehashed BS. All entertainment has turned into "go with what they know". That's why all the 15-16 year old kids need to get their shit together, in 5-10 years you guys will get a shot to get us new...
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    Gaming The Switch isn't living up to its fullest potential, and here's why

    The only thing you have a point on is the online, but with that you need to remember that Nintendo's main focus will always be kids. They will never allow that kind of access to them. I think it's fine the way it is as a parent of a 13 year old daughter. Switch has the best first party games...
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    R.I.P. YouTube Ad revenue

    If you have under 1000 subs and get less then I think it was 10K of views a year, they took away all monetization. I lost all of mine around the beginning of the year cause I didn't meet the views requirement. I pretty much just stopped after that. It's funny cause stuff that is well over 5...
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    Homebrew Question Tinfoil on atmosphere file overwrite

    I think the majority of this stems from how spoiled we all were with the Wii. People feel entitled to this stuff, they don't realize the work that goes into this shit. Dude probably has dozens of hours at the least into this one project, who knows what else he has going on? If you don't want to...
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    The only known SNES-CD prototype will be up for sale

    This for sure should be put into a museum somewhere, that is like the Mona Lisa of the gaming world.
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    Homebrew Question Tinfoil on atmosphere file overwrite

    My Switch ain't hacked and wont be till AC comes out so I have no ties to any of this crap. After reading this and the other 14 pages from that other post my conclusion is... This dude made an app everyone wanted to use, Atmos couldn't run his shit right, so he fixed it himself. Now you all are...
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    Homebrew Can I play Games from my External Hard Drive?

    I cant speak on the Saturn, but I do know I was running Neo Geo from my HD, I ran everything from HD, didn't use an SD card at all.
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    EA Play 2019 - Livestream Coverage

    No Skate 4, no one cares!
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    Hacking My Switch bricked so easily?

    You should just walk away now!
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