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    Emulation [RELEASE] Cemu - Wii U emulator

    My PC Working. Windows 10 Pro and Xbox One Controller AMD A10 7850k MSI A88X G45 8GB DDR3 2400MHZ Kingstong SSD 240GB Seagate 1TB MSI R9 280x Mario Kart 7 Menu 30-60fps Ingame 15 - 20fps Super Mario Maker Menu 30-60fps Ingame 15 - 20fps Coming soon youtube Mario 3D Worlds Error Cemu and...
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    Hacking Mighty Channels

    Hello All, I have this Tutorials and all working good not problem. Start mighty channels work (first not working and now good working) and games click than black screen this have nothing fixed how can i fixed black screen on cios 58 38 and 37 and 249 have all fixed and work mighty screen only...
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    Hacking New update for 3DS EU doesn´t disable flashcarts.

    Acekard2i working on 3DS. I having 3DS firmware 1.1.0-1E no problem.
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    Hacking Acekard 2i 3DS update

    Hello All, English I having my DSI update for my AK2i 3ds update working good fijne. And to my 3DS working 1.0.0 EU and i having 3DS update 1.1.0 EU working yes AK2i 3DS no problem THANKS AK2i ;-). Dutch Ik heb DSI update voor mij 3DS werkt het fijn. En bij 3DS werkt ook 1.0.0. EU en ik heb...
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