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Sep 9, 2015
    1. cid xiv
      cid xiv
      hey man thanks for the help
      so my next question is can i set up gate way while im in the cfw pasta? the next step on the guide tells me to bring the firmware down to 4.x but iv herd that its a bit risky so i want to back up my systemNAND in gateway so i can restore the n3ds if i brick it.
      cos i cant see the .cia files iv installed unless im in firmware mode correct?
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      2. cid xiv
        cid xiv
        sweet cheers man.
        yeah i mainly got a gateway cos i didnt want to worry about installing every single game and apparently it has region free on it without having to do anything
        Dec 7, 2015
      3. Babbagooties
        No problem man

        I forgot CFW on N3DS doesnt have native region unlocking.

        But yeah for setting up gateway you're gonna need OoT3D(with an already hacked O3DS/2DS) or Cubic Ninja. Good luck man
        Dec 7, 2015
      4. cid xiv
        cid xiv
        thanks for all the help man
        Dec 7, 2015
    2. Margen67
      hi mom
      1. GhostLatte
        Hi son
        Sep 25, 2015
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