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    Hardware How many of you are having issues with your joycons?

    I've had a pair and a half go on me at this point. In the first instance, my right joycon's analog stick would drift, and often fail to return to a zero point. I was able to consistently reproduce this issue, and posted the controller to Nintendo to investigate. No issue found according to...
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    Gaming Ark: Survival Evolved is Coming to Nintendo Switch

    At least that'd likely run better, as far as I'm aware that one actually hits 30+ fps on consoles :P
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    Gaming Stardew Valley

    Stardew Valley is out now on the AU(EU?) eShop.
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    Gaming Fire emblem warriors available

    You'll need 2.05GB free to download the game itself.
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    Hacking Is that safe to update to 11.6 while I'm still using themehax+emunand+Luma_v7.0.5

    Pretty much the same setup (Menuhax, Emunand, Luma) here. 11.6 works fine on the emunand. I should get around to switching to B9S, but like you, my current setup does all I need it to do.
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    GBAtemp Bounty 2017 #1

    Started work on this around the beginning of September, on a hotel bed in Seattle. The basic idea is that of a Rhythm Roguelike, similar to Crypt of the Necrodancer, set in a procedurally generated world. The goal is to defeat enough enemies to open a portal to escape the world before the...
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    Picking a linux os.

    Gotta let everyone know how kool they are using a pentesting kit as their default OS. You know how it is.
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    Gaming Rainway - a way to play PC games on Switch?

    I mean, being able to play games while in bed is a pretty compelling use-case for me.
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    Gaming Rainway - a way to play PC games on Switch?

    Very interesting. If true, I'm kinda surprised Nintendo is allowing it to launch on the Switch as it'll essentially undercut their store for a lot of games with PC ports now and in the future. I guess there's always the first-party games to make their money from though and I can't say I'm not...
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    This Week in Gaming - April 21

    I am definitely looking forward to the Radiant Historia remake, although I hope we hear news of a western localisation soon.
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    ROM Hack Pokemon VC save editor is possible - sort of...

    I had no issues using PikaSav after extracting the game using SDF. For me, EUR/Australian Yellow's TitleID was 0x1712. Injected a Mew to Box 1 in the PC, gave myself 99 Rare Candies via the PC, and gave myself a shiny bicycle because I forgot how slow the game is without running.
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    Hacking My NANDS are unlinked but CHMM2 deletes Menuhax and changes SysNAND theme instead of Emunand Theme.

    How are you getting into the homebrew launcher? If you're going straight into Homebrew via something like ctrbootmanager when you first boot up the 3DS, you'll start up the HBL in sysnand. If you haven't already done so, try going into HBL using browserhax or something while you're in Emunand...
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    Hacking Would changing the Nativ_firm be able fix a N3DS bricked by downgrading with O3DS cia files?

    EDIT: I'm sorry to have to say this, but I don't think it's possible after all. The Native_Firm filesizes are vastly different between the o3DS and n3DS Native_Firms. As such, we can't generate a valid Xorpad between the two, as the o3DS Native_Firm isn't long enough to generate an n3DS valid...
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    Gaming Do you think there would be more N3DS exclusives in the future?

    With the recent release of the Unity 3DS SDK for Nintendie developers (I thought Unity3DS support was a private thing for a while, but I must have been wrong), we will probably start to see more new3DS exclusives. This is mainly because Unity is rather heavy for the specs the o3DS has. That's...
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    Hacking Which URL filtering should be removed to play XCX online?

    I have no problems connecting to Xenoblade and Splatoon when I have the following urls blocked: Try removing urls that aren't on the above list from your...
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