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    The Game Awards 2020 - live coverage - Sephiroth joins Smash, new Perfect Dark

    Posting so I get notified of the salt. Also had fun chatting in the twitch stream.
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    Borderlands 3 releases on Steam on March 13, after six-month Epic Games Store exclusivity

    Finally! Now It just needs to go on sale for me to get it. :P
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    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp Recommends: The Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku series

    Ahhh, this brings me back. Buu's fury was the first game I ever played on the VisualBoy Advance, and probably the first ever game I *finished*. Went back and finished it 2 more times over the years; Might do so again now :).
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    Tempmas 2019: Grand Finale

    Checkout post # 6 on the first page of this thread.
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    Tempmas 2019: Event #5 - Temp Quiz!

    Can confirm, found most of the answers with 10 minutes of searching the website :). It also affirmed that I've been reading the front page almost daily, as I remember reading some of the questions' answers :P. Really loved this last quiz, brought back some fond memories from when the site first...
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    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp shirt design contest - winners announced

    Bought two of 'em. One for summer and one for winter :yay: . Payday came just in time :toot:
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    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp shirt design contest - vote for your favorite shirt!

    Throwback GBA Cart design- @CeeDee gets my vote.
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    Steam to launch 'Remote Play Together', allowing players to play local multiplayer games online

    Do I sense a new possible source for more Temp game nights?
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    Hardware What will the next Xbox be called?

    Isn't that a Windows build number? auto the XD-BOX for Xtra Dimension (VR inc)
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    Game Night [Concluded] Ocarina of Time Online - Friday Game Night

    Well. caught the tail end of the stream. About 10 minutes I guess? Definitely want to hop in next time.
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    The Oculus Quest will soon have official support for playing Rift games

    Am the only one super excited about this? By far my favourite surprise reveal of the whole event.
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    Rest in Peace Densetsu

    I am really sad to learn that @Densetsu passed away;I remember him from his DS rom translation work. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP Densetsu.
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