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    Hardware Help needed with 2 broken DSi

    For the first one, the camera can cause the issue of it showing an error message after boot up. The second one, sounds like a short, try the bottom from the other console it, if it still happens - try swapping the bottom screen.
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    Hardware NDS Lite Repair - orange charging light flashes for a second when plugged in

    I've known fuses to blow on DS Lite's from something as simple as it being sat on or dropped, I believe the bottom screen slightly moves causing the motherboard to short which is why I would recommend testing the board out of the shell first and if you replace fuses etc again test it out of the...
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    Hardware Others Phat DS Lower Screen Display/Potentiometer Issues

    I recall having a similar problem several years ago, if I gently tried to bend the motherboard (only a little bit) I could hear it creaking like it was perished, I put the board back in the shell, powered it up while pressing certain parts of the board and found it worked with pressure applies...
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    DSi restoration / repair. SMD elements values needed.

    Would it not be easier to buy a second hand motherboard from eBay? or a donor DSi? it seems pretty easy to find these in working order with a broken hinge these days.
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    Gaming Replacement touch screen digitizer is matte and not glossy

    Try eBay and message the seller to ask if they are matte first
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    Gaming DS phat touchscreen problems

    First question... is it a replacement shell housing? some 3rd party shells need a bit of fettling to allow the touch screen to rest properly. Secondly... the problem with the DS phat is that if you buy 10 replacement 3rd party touch screens, 7 will be faulty on arrival. if you tap the stylus...
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    Gaming Dsi xl top screen riboon cable broken or not

    I would guess that the top screen originally wasn't working due to the part of the flex that I've circled in yellow. The part circled in red looks like someone has accidentality damaged it while trying to remove it.
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    Cookie Notice Stuck

    Hey, When I visit this site, the cookie notice banner across the bottom shows and greys out the rest of the screen, despite clicking accept - nothing happens, it's stuck which means I can't view anything on the site. To remove it I have to click browser inspector and put "display: none;" to get...
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    Gaming DS Lite - weird Touchscreen issue

    If a touch screen has had too much pressure placed on it, they become stuck down in certain positions, this stops other buttons from working, disconnect the touch screen while leaving the bottom screen connected, power it up and if the buttons work the touch screen is the issue.
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    Gaming Help me with my dsi XL

    Just as a heads up, as it may be of use to others with a locked DSI XL, you can unlock the parental control on DSi XL consoles for free, there is a site with a generator on GitHub that can be on Google, set the correct time and date, tap forgot pin, tap the enquiry number into the website...
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    Gaming DS Lite Charge LED lit when battery is inserted, charger is not inserted

    Have you checked the little water indicator sticker on the motherboard? and the one on the case?
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    Covid-19 vaccine

    I'm undecided because I don't trust the rollout here in the UK. Personally I feel the priority for the vaccine should be hospital staff, police etc and key workers. Hospital staff = get close to Covid-19 every day. Police = go to break up parties which are attended by Covid is a hoaxers. If...
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    Gaming DS Lite power button stopped working, what can be done?

    In the UK there was a guy who was selling use but working Nintendo DS Lite motherboards for £6 on eBay last year, I would suggest seeing if you can find a cheap second hand motherboard in your country, if you can't find any, my next suggestion would be buy a faulty complete console, in the UK...
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    Joe Biden Wins - Becomes 46th president of the United States

    My thoughts... 1 - Trump mentioned injecting disinfectant / Trump goes golfing - while thousands of Americans are dying every day. 1A - Definitely not the actions of a good president. 1B - He said the disinfectant thing was a joke - well again refer to 1A, You don't joke when people are dying...
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    Gaming DSi XL has darker pixels on edge of screens.

    I would guess any of the following... It's just a well used console. It's had its screens replaced with 3rd party screens. (probably not as both your screens have the same issue) It's been wet at some point. To check for water, remove the battery cover, lift out the battery and there is a...
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