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    Switch firmware update 13.2.0 available, Atmosphere 1.2.5 released

    Hoe to upDate fusee on modchipped consoles?
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    PS1/2 HDLBATCH 1.1 Update (100MB/s - 150MB/s PS2 HDD batch installer using HDL DUMP)

    I need some help, if you please. My setup: ps2 fat 3xxx internal 2,5'' sata 3 1tb hdd official sony network adapter with sata mod external usb sata hdd case, to put the hd on my pc. goals: -Put 800gb of games (some isos, some duallayer, some cd based, some bin/cue, some isos), use opl 1.1, be...
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    My account is almost 20 years old

    I remember using gbatemp for first time back in 2004ish, but only to search things. My account is much newer.
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    GBAtemp Exclusive What's the worst reward for 100%'ing a game?

    When I pick up all the 1000 korok seeds, I will return
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    Homebrew Homebrew app Bloopair: Connect Controllers from other Consoles natively

    You're awesome dude! Thank you very much.
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    Castlevania Advance Collection rated for PC and consoles

    Original code ported to pc with enhancements? NEVER. just (expensive) and simple emulation. Problably worse than mgba can do.
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    Hardware HELP! How to Sync Wii remote when console has a broken Sync Button?

    -You can try use wiixplorer. If not: you can use usbloaderGX with a gamecube controller (i think).... -Create emunand there on you usb device, based of your sysnand. -that emunand will be used on dolphin -sync your emunand on dolphin, and see if the sysconfig files has changed -put back...
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    Hardware HELP! How to Sync Wii remote when console has a broken Sync Button?

    I can think off using emunand on dolphin, sync wiimote ther, and copy the updated Wii/shared2/sys/SYSCONF back to your wii afterwards. Other than that, i don't know...
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    Hacking USB Loader GX

    How hard it is to implement a "user profile" option? I have 2 kids, and my own game saves. Each one has their own. Every time I change emunand saves location, depending on wich one will play. I'm sure, there's a way to create 'user profile choose menu' when usbloader(or game) is launching, then...
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    Homebrew Discussion Post homebrew ideas, suggestions, requests here

    What about the new nsp (?) file structure that can't be ripped? apparently other new eshop games are using it. The game "Lost in random" cant be ripped, installed. ANyone already looking at that? (search reddit lost in random nsp, theres a discussion there)
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    Hacking Atmosphere-NX - Custom Firmware in development by SciresM

    I have a issue. Cheats on atmosphere are always active to me. (v1 switch 12.1.0 -atm 0.20.0 fusee primary - I don't use hekate) My system_settings.ini is right? Code below: I've hold l while booting and the cheats was gone, but i think is the only line i needed to change to make cheats OFF...
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    Hacking USB Loader GX - high game load time variance

    1 - are u using fat32 qith 32k cluster size? 2 - its a hd in a case, sata 1, 2, 3? case is fine on pc? read/write speeds on pc average? 3 - Your wii is up to date with the hacks to make proper use of usb 2.0? 4 - run a syscheck, drag n drop to modmii update my hacks section and see if there's...
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    Hacking Please Help with my Wii !!!

    After the backup, There's a lot of improvement on cios that can be made. If you're brave enough to read a guide, and move files between pc and wii via usb or sd card, you just need one thing: Modmii. Download it, read, and do a wii Update hacks method. It will generate a step by step guide...
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    Hacking Homebrew that makes VC games 4:3?

    update firmware of your roku TV, maybe?
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