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  • Hi, I bricked my 2ds and was wondering if I can ship my 2ds to get fixed. Please PM back so we can discuss price & shipping. Thanks!
    Hello, bricked my 3DS new to the scene here and was wondering if you can PM me and we can discuss prices, shipping etc.... Thank you!
    My 3DS XL is bricked, it happened while trying to upgrade firmware... I get nothing but black screens and power light. Can you help? Thanks for your time!
    Aliak, I have a problem. I got a mod from you a few years ago, and I found a way to plug it into a newer computer. The problem is it was searching for drivers and I think it formatted my on board memory. I still have a previous dump. Is my system screwed?
    Hey, My name is Ryan. I'm having a bit of an issue and I tried to use sysupdater to update my 3ds from 8.1 to 9.2 without realizing it was still in rxmode, subsequently bricking my device. Just looking for a bit of advice. Is there anything that can be done?
    Hi, Can you downgrade a 3ds if i still have a backup of my Nand, its not an XL. And if so how much do you charge?
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    So, what does your port mod do for the 3ds xl? I'm not bricked nor do I use a galaxy FC, but I was curious.

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    It allows me to dump my firmware so I can downgrade.
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