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    Microsoft clarifies the naming scheme behind the next-gen Xbox

    Wait so we are getting a refrigerator.... game console?
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    New details emerge on an upcoming Luigi's Mansion 3 multiplayer DLC pack

    wh.......... WHAT?!!!!!!!! Is it going to be free?
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    Tempmas 2019: Event #1 - Gaming Quiz!

    Oh numer one is EASY. -snip-
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    Hacking Question How are we going to do this? (Nintendo Switch Lite RCM)

    Well, now its out. even though we don't have nothing that shows any rcm, do you guys think it will be hacked or not?
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    The Sega Dreamcast turns 20 years old in the west

    No I wasn't saying it like that. It was a joke, I really like the dreamcast btw its just... aw forget it.
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    Super Nintendo games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online

    or he is currently still in the gb
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    Hacking [HELP] Can I recover?

    This happened to me as well, and when I created a copy of godmode9, it worked.
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    Hacking [HELP] Can I recover?

    Copy and paste GodMode9 so you get another copy of godmode9
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    Which house did you side with in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

    wait- is this harry potter Fire Emblem edition? i'm down I guess. Edit: I guess i'm going with the Golden Deers :\
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    A law firm has begun an investigation for a class action lawsuit on Nintendo over Joy-Con drift

    Even though I hate Joy-Con Drifting, it shouldn't be taken THIS FAR.
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    Hi ya and thanx for having me here! (Also, why I'm here...)

    Heathrow? More like Death Row. Anyways welcome! I hope you have a fun time here. I guess.
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