Never thought I would be testing homebrew Nov 29, 2016

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      Never thought I would be testing homebrew
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    United States
    Hmm what can I say about me? I'm Aleks? Yeah that's a good start lets go with that :). 24 live in SoCal 626 I'm a bartender, live audio and lighting tech, musician. I'm for the legalization of Marijuana (can't afford surgery for my hand it helps with the pain) and I believe in Kopimism (File sharing religion). There are only two things that have always been in my life, Music and Video Games.<br /> <br />Music has always been a soundtrack to my life, whenever something in my life changed so did my taste in music. from country to rock, from trance to metal. And now I'm a live audio and lighting tech in a progressive metal band which has caused me to become an audiophile (hate listening to anything ripped below 320kbps, lossless for me please). Video games however are different.<br /> <br />I've played video games ever since I was 2 when I learned to talk. Some might think it's odd or unbelievable but what do you expect when my sister would watch me and teach me how to read with super mario, megaman, zelda, battletoads ect. Because of that my taste in games have been more focused on the story.<br /> <br />Well better type up stuff people want to know<br /> <br />favorite game series:<br />Zone of the Enders<br />Pokemon (not a hardcore fan, mostly a event collector now)<br />Megaman (screw battle netwok/starforce)<br />Super mario bros (1-3)<br />Call of Duty (Zombies Only!!!)<br /> <br />music:<br />miyavi (japan)<br />the gazette (japan)<br />dredg (US)<br />kaki king (US)<br />Ayreon (Netherlands)<br />sadie (Japan)<br />dream theater (US)<br />megadeth (US)<br />children of bodom (Finland)<br />lamb of god (US)<br />kreator (Germany)<br />(way too much to list i have over 13,000 songs no joke)

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