I don't see how reading this will get you anywhere but please do continue. Who knows maybe at the end something importand will pop up. Or... Sep 1, 2013

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Sep 1, 2013
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      I don't see how reading this will get you anywhere but please do continue. Who knows maybe at the end something importand will pop up. Or...
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    Jun 14, 1980 (Age: 38)
    I am a patient person who likes to make sure things get done, no matter how long it takes. I also like watching anime's and have seen a number of them i really liked. The ones i liked or still like most are: Bleach, Darker than Black, Full Metal Alchemist(Brotherhood), Naruto, High School of Death, Death Note, Sword Art Online, Another and Fairy Tail. Dragon Ball Z i have seen and it's not bad but i don't like that that gigantic attention there is to power, aside from that it was pretty nice. The other dragonball series i did not like very much (GT and Dragonball) I have just started watching One Piece to check it out and i do like it so far. (At 70+ episode's now) I would say my top 5 anime's would be 5. FullMetal Alchemist(Brotherhood) 4. Sword Art Online 3. Naruto (THOSE FLASHBACKS ALL THE TIME!) 2. Bleach (really nice to see how much it changed since the first ten episodes) 1. Fairy Tail.
    For games i have played ALOT already, and i can tell alot about alot of games but i'll just skip to my top 5: 5. Skyrim, a very nice overall storyline and it gives a very real feel to the word and ither characters somehow, very fun to play for a long while. 4. Grand Fantasia, where it all started for me, the very first game i played, i loved it from the moment i started it's pretty fun to play, not hard on your PC and it has a very nice community. 3. League of Legends, now this i like only because it's fun to play, easy controls, a bit of strategy here and there and alot of diffirent characters to use. 2. The Monster Hunter series, when i started Monster Hunter i was pretty sceptic, i thought it would be ok and i only got it because there was nothing else at that time, but from the moment i started it i loved it. A nice amount of diffirent types of weapons and alot of diffirent monsters to hunt. It's very fun to find out what weapon fits you and what is wise to use against what monster. Really fun overall and will stay fun for a long time of playing. 1. The Kingdom Hearts Series. It started when my brother got Kingdom Hearts 2 from a friend. When i started playing it i did not really know what was going on in the beginning but as i played further i started liking it more and more, it has a very complicated storyline wich is very fun to explore, it's ver centered around Light, Darkness and balance. I have played all the Kingdom Hearts games since and i highly recommend it. It's just as fun for a child as it is for an adult. And yes, i know alot of people do not like that it has disney characters in it but trust me, it's not how you think it is.


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