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    Rockstar Games apologise for GTA Trilogy issues, relist original versions

    Rockstar should be ashamed of themselves! Why they didn't include the most talented modders and include fans to be apart of these old loved games.. But no created so many enemies and released a pile of dog crap!! I didn’t even pay for the trilogy on my CFW switch and I even feel robbed
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    Xbox CEO wants the gaming industry to use "legal" emulation in order to preserve older games

    Microsoft are in an excellent position to become the Netflix/Spotify of the gaming world! They have proved people love older games and they have the infrastructure to do this.. Imagine a monthly sub to play any game from any year from any system.. linked gamer tags and high scores etc
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    Xbox 20th anniversary event - 70 new backwards compatible games, Halo Infinite multiplayer beta launches today

    Ive waited and waited for this day for years I bought it from CEX minutes after the announcement and there all out of stock now!! Riiiiiiiiiiiidge raaaaacer
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    A variety of Xbox 360 games are getting unknown updates prior to tomorrow's Xbox 20th anniversary event

    Kids have stole my Xbox gamer tag for there Xbox series and my gold and ultimate subscription.. I bought an Xbox 360 slim for £10 and I’ve never been happier.. All my old purchases and I didn’t realise how much I love the 360 and OG Xbox I hope they have some treats tomorrow
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    First trailer for live-action 'Uncharted' movie released

    Can’t wait to illegally stream this
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    Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack pricing information revealed

    Glad I’ve got a modded switch.. Metroid a week before the sheep give there money to Nintendo.. etc etc I’m sure I will have these n64 games soon and some clever cool nerd will figure out how to inject all the great n64 games into the roms etc
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    Rumor Sources claim that Game Boy Color games are headed to Nintendo Switch Online's service

    The Nintendo overlords overvaluing there game boy 80s crap on everyone! Why can’t they just let people choose whatever games they want on the eshop? I’m so glad I have an unpatched switch
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    Nintendo's legal team has stepped in to end development on fanmade Metroid project Prime 2D

    I’m so happy I have Pirated the shit out of every Nintendo I’ve ever owned!! I hate them as a company
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    Square Enix, SEGA, Bandai Namco and more confirmed for E3 2021 lineup

    Come on namco riiiiiiiiiiiiiidge raaaaaaaacer remastered collection
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    Tutorial 7.55 PS4 Upgrade & Jailbreak - Step by Step Guide - Should you update to 7.55? Realtime Jailbreak.

    I’m getting this too Apparently opening up the play room first and then pressing the ps button coming out and trying the jailbreak gives less KP But My user gets kicked out of the system With the same error codes as you
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    Gwent source code leaks online, along with an auction for Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk source code

    What an awfully sad year for these guys! Death threats to release a game early Laughing stock throughout the gaming community with memes They released game early mostly through pressure! The game clearly wasn’t finished Loose millions in share prices And now these scum bag hackers are...
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    'Biomutant' release date announced

    Teenage ninja bio mutants Teenage ninja bio mutants!! looks all right this
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    New 'Biomutant' trailer shows off 9 minutes of gameplay

    Teenage ninja bio mutants Teenage ninja bio mutants!! looks all right this
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    Homebrew PS4 firmware 7.55 exploit revealed by TheFlow

    I have followed TheFl0w for years and his vita hacks he is amazing and a massive thank you to him and his hard work
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    What's your favourite gaming-related Christmas memory?

    For me without a doubt would have been in the early 90s when all the cool kids played street fighter 2 in the arcades and loving that game and finding out that Nintendo was selling a console that had that game!! well it was a no brainier To know what I wanted for Xmas 1992.. however It was...
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