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    ROM Hack Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

    Cheat request for Dark Blood Reborn TID:0100F7701778A000 BID:AC20360BEF270347 Thanks in advance!
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    ROM Hack Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

    SMT V, If anyone can manage to get the fusion limit removed cheat from the 1.0.1 update i'd be grateful. Updated to 1.0.2 and i'd love to have it working again :D
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    GBAtemp Exclusive Black Shark Lucifer T1 Earbuds Impressions

    Relax bud, people can name the product as they see fit.
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    Free-to-play 'Pokémon Trading Card Game Live' announced

    Damn this would've been a perfect release on the switch but oh well, not gonna lose any sleep over it. Im more worried that my current TCG progress will not be able to be carried over. Cause that's gonna be something that'll make me skip the damn thing entirely.
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    Former Shin Megami Tensei staff reveal new JRPG called Monark

    Looking forward to it! i never really finished SMT:IF so the school setting will be a welcome one to me. Yes i really hope for the same, i mean i like persona but damn The mainline games are 100x Better.
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    Homebrew Question Best way to use cheats on games?

    Are you on SX or atmosphere? If anything just make sure all the file paths are correct. I've never had a game crash on me upon cheat activation :blink:
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    Homebrew Question Best way to use cheats on games?

    Go ahead and search for a certain wonderful homebrew called "All in one switch updater" and it'll update your cheats with a simple button press. Also if you're on atmosphere use the tesla overlay.
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    Comment by 'Ace001' in 'hookers and cowboys'

    Well there's app for just about everything (well except a few things) but that'd really be something. It be grubhub but with sex. But as other users stated it's a matter of keeping the idea of the company while maintaining the health of the employees. I can see it becoming a thing.
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    Welcome in! You'll find many useful things on this website, have a good one and take care~
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    Comment by 'Ace001' in 'my ds lite's hinges broke :/'

    Happened to me but with a ds lite thaty i've had for many years. I tried crazy gluing the hinge and it seems to be working just fine.
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    What song are you currently listening to?

    Akira Ifukube - Mecha godzilla II
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    Hacking Updated Atmosphere and now games won't play, Please help ('could not start software')

    Get the useful homebrew app "all in one switch updater " And as @thesjaakspoiler mentioned update all the sigpatches (which the hombrew can do for you with one click) and it'll be as good as new. I knew i almost died when i couldnt get my games running on atmos. Happy gaming bud!
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    Hacking boot dat? error after update to 11.0.1

    Man good luck even being able to get sx os licenses. Looks like atmosphere is my new best friend! but yeah in regards to the boot error its the lack of support. Hopefully you can downgrade!
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    Man arrested in Japan for selling hacked Shiny Pokemon

    He deserved an arrest and potentially fine or jail as opposed to being kicked off a game playing service? Bit harsh don't you think? Look i get how it might be a bit over the top but once you start involving money especially for your own monetary gain (Seriously why would you even sell hacked...
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