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    3 ways a desirable Smartphone battery not removable

    Along with the development of technology, more and more smartphones with a non-removable battery (the battery is not removable) or unibody design, flooding the market. Because the battery is not easy, the unibody smartphone there are a number of things to watch out for them to keep the device is durable.

    A number of users are arguably not particularly pay attention to the care of a smartphone. In fact, it is very important, including to make batteries remain durable.

    IKA you guys are confused how to take care of the battery smartphone unibody, there are a number of ways that can be done. Here are some of his tips:

    1. Limit the use of battery power and attention

    http://www.caraflashandroid.com/ Do not often use Smartphones to play games. Because the gyms directly affect battery life smartphone. Moreover, many users are playing games at the same time while simultaneously charging the battery.

    In addition, do not be too often charge the battery every day. Try a one day, one time charge.

    This type of smartphone battery power already provided a large battery capacity. Ifwithin a day charge as much as 3 times or more, then his strength will be reduced quickly and the battery will not last long.

    2. Limit the use of WiFi and GPS

    If you're not using the internet, try to turn off the WiFi or mobile data on a smartphone. Let the WiFi or mobile data remain active, will make your smartphone work continuously and affecting battery life.

    http://www.hargaponsel.net/ The use of GPS smartphone battery life often leads to fast running out. Moreover, iflet GPS active continuously without use. It's good GPS is enabled, only when needed only.