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    Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 VS Wii U

    Not for playing games. Its terrific for reading and stuff though.
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    Android Got a Galaxy S i9000 & stock Android 2.3.3;want new OS

    I remember using something called wondershare mobile go but that requires a PC. Never had the phone so cant help with ROMs but Cyanogen can't be too bad.
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    Hardware Laptop keyboard stopped working all of a sudden :O

    Try removing and reattaching the keyboard. If you know your model and stuff you can just use an online guide to get help to do so. Also though this might not actually be useful but I think windows login screen has a virtual keyboard option where the mouse can be used to type.
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    Hacking Gateway 3DS "Firmware spoofing" and "multi-region"

    Quick question: Do all other apps function normally during gateway mode??
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    [Origin] Free Giveaway!

    Mirror's EDGE! Please!
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    ROM Hack Cheats and a Pokemon rom hack

    In my experience they do. But some glitches might occur due to changes made by the hack and all.
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    New Pokémon X and Y reveal: introducing Mega Evolution!

    ITS over 9000 Tell me you were hoping someone would say that.
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    Gaming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y discussion/update thread

    Also Megapokemon and all but does Dedenne look like a Emolga Pre-evo?
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    Gaming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y discussion/update thread

    Serebii still says steel/fighting And also Electric Dragon Ampharos sounds awesome
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    Hardware a 3ds question

    No the games are tied to the console. If you get a new one then you have the buy the games all over again.
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    Hardware Best place to get a PS Vita?

    Might be. I dont know how it affects online contents but games should be fine as the console is region free.
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    Gaming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y discussion/update thread

    Yeah. the catching pokemon part reminded me of the commentator yelling when people get pinned in wwe.
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    Hacking R4i 3ds wont work on 4.5.0 -10E

    Even if it works(after updates and stuff) it will not be able to connect to WPA network as it is limited to DS Mode only.
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    Gaming Pokemon Chaos Black on ebay?

    Dont mind me if you are a collector but if not you can just patch your ROM and play.
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    Kickstarter: The World of Pokemon

    That venasaur is scary.
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