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    Hacking NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector (overview)

    drug into the application, and open it in the application
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    Hacking NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector (overview)

    Hi, the new version NS-Atmosphere Programmer has released. Download Link: Maybe can fix the problem.
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    Hacking NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector (overview)

    The NS-Atmosphere Injector has Mac OS programmer, very nice!:rofl2::rofl2:
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    Hacking TX Dongle longetivity?

    Battery and Capacitance , I think the different is that one charge full Battery can be used 500 hundreds time to inject the payload , with capacitance you need charge 500 times. I do not think the capacitance is not a good choice to charge so many times, because its cheaper. auto
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    Hacking NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector (overview)

    Have you updated the bin file into the Injector Dongle ? The "NS-Atmosphere.bin" which contained in the sd files folder. Maybe your payload is old that can not support the 6.0, you need update the payload.
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    Hacking NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector (overview)

    The NS-Atmosphere Dongle has released the Linux version Programmer. Seems to be used only on Ubuntu 64bit. Has anyone tried it? auto
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    Hacking Question NS-Atmosphere Programmer Issue

    I think the easiest way is : insert the device , double press the RST button , pink LED , then open the software .It will be 100% success , you can try it.
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    Hacking Some 6.0 Questions

    It seems that the SD file on this website is also supported . I have not tried yet.
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    Hacking Question NS-Atmosphere Programmer Issue

    Hi, you can try to uninstall the software and delete the ns-atmosphere from your registry, then reinstall the software again. Delete the " HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> software -> ns-atmosphere"
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    Hacking NS-Atmosphere dongle issues

    Hi, I think you can delete the “NS-Atmosphere” in your windows registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NS-Atmosphere , and then reinstall the NS-Atmosphere.
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    Hacking NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector (overview)

    very nice review ! I am waiting my injector.......
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    Hacking The 15 dollar chinese dongle experience

    I think it is the real payload injector, very nice. I will buy one.
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    Hacking Can't turn Switch back on... lol

    Have you tried to charge the switch? auto plig in the power cable and see what happens
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