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    Tutorial [Tutorial] Setting up 9.0 - 9.2 N3DS/XL for CFW, including EmuNAND, Coldboot, CIA Installer

    Followed your "tutorial" exactly and lost access to browserhax on 9.2.......this site used to be great before people like this put up misleading guides and picking up money off of the ground from whoever..... your post has a ridiculous amount of questions so that proves something....I'm going...
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    Hacking in a rare spot

    Browserhax doesn't work on 9.9 my 3ds says I need to date to use the internet browser......I think i got stuck with one of the few unshakable firmware lol
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    Hacking in a rare spot

    Thanks for the help guys.... the only thing is that the guides say I need to be at 10.3 is that true
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    Hacking in a rare spot

    So I just got bought a 3ds yesterday and just my luck it has 9.9 firmware on it and the 10.4 update just came out and I don't want to update..... so my question is can I get browserhax and homebrew? My searching sais no but I could be wrong..... any help would be great this site has and...
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    We have it pretty good nowdays

    I was playing around with some emulators today and I was thinking back in 1990,91 getting a single game from the store was a huge deal. Now thanks to todays tech and some real talented coders out there, there is a h u g e amount of gaming at our fingertips....idk just random bs I was thinking...
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    New Zealand Taking a stand against Smokers!

    Don't usually post but I just had to put my two cents in. shut the *uck up thankfully I live in the USA where your stupid little [email protected] self-righteousness has not totally taken over but yea we do have *ssholes like you over here who feel the need to complain about...
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    Existence of God?

    lol oh yea my web lingo sucks we are all gonna have strong opinions but we can believe whatever we want i just happen to believe that god gave us that right some christians and other religions will get huffy if you dont agree with them but at the end of the day you follow what feels right to you...
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    Existence of God?

    Well you have your opinion but try to think of it this way. would you rather have a friend that did whatever you said and loved you because they had to or would it mean more to you if that friend loved you and went through hardships for you because he wanted to. eve ate the apple when told not...
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    Hacking bypass the gc launcher loader screen?

    I could have swore there was a mod that bypassed the load option screen on the gamecube backup launcher does any one have any ideas?
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    Anyone else from Ohio?

    Im in columbus, I used to live in akron and cleveland is soooo depressing to me.
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