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Jul 5, 2010
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    Today's mighty oak tree is yesterdays nut that held it's ground.
    1 PSP 1001 and 1 PSP 2001 88v2 5.00m33-6 and 6.20 .prx/version.txt
    1 DS (case swap-fixed hinge) - 3 DS lites (cases mixed, one in clear, and one smoky /w lights) with m3 real - 1 DSI XL-FF skinned /w DSTWO
    2 Wiis running 4.2U HBC/cIOS38R17 Black/white
    4 XBOX running XBMC (500GB)
    2 XBOX 360s, 1x20 no hdmi 1x60+hdmi....not running anything special...
    1 PS3 320GB WD Hard drive
    1 NES Toaster - 1 NES Top Loader - 2 SNES
    1 Retro DUO (s)nes
    2 DMG-01 GB Brick - 1 GB Pocket - 1 GBA SP+ (pink with a redone case in blue)
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