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    ROM Hack Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

    I've continued tinkering with Dragon Quest Builders 1 and have hammered out some decent progress. Codes covering all 15 active slots, all 16 equipment slots, and the first full page of bag slots: [Mastercode] 580F0000 009EE8D0 580F1000 00000048 [Bag Mod 0] 400E0000 00000000 00036Bac 620F01E0...
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    ROM Hack Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

    In addition to wanting item hexes for Dragon Quest Builders ONE, I'd also like to get some updated codes for DQB2. The latest version is 1.73, but the latest cheats (both on the list here and on cheatslips) is 1.7.1a.
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    ROM Hack Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

    There are plenty of codes for Dragon Quest Builders 2, with a fairly exhaustive list of item IDs. I'm working on the FIRST game. I appreciate you telling me the codes already exist, but your reply isn't of much use unless you can provide information that will help me find them. I did a rather...
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    ROM Hack Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

    Kind of a throwback here, but I've been tinkering with Dragon Quest Builders. Starting with the cheat table listed on, I began testing changing the items in the quick bar. Using these 2 codes from the table, we can see that the Item ID is 2 addresses before its quantity value...
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    ROM Hack Animal Crossing New Horizons Time Travelling Clarification

    I haven't time-traveled. I have a modded, CFW Switch, so there's no need..if I want to cheat, I can just cheat outright. :P From what I've read, though, there's really no punishment or negative side-effects aside from the already mentioned turnips issue. I remember back in the day, though...
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    ROM Hack Animal Crossing Best friend App

    There's a thriving Discord community for ACNH CFW users. You can keep your friends list there! ^_^ As for dealing with people being terrible during local play, if you exit the game before they leave, it'll boot them w/o saving and revert your island back to how it was before they arrived.
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    Gaming Animal Crossing multiplayer issues

    LIttle late to the party, perhaps, but I'll offer what I know in case anyone else has this issue! If you're actually playing locally (within 10-20 feet or whatever the limit is), just make sure that any internet local play mods are turned completely off (SX OS in the options menu or the mitm...
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    Are there any fun free games that aren't online multiplayer?

    Well, I don't have any grand or epic suggestions, but here's a couple from my days running the computer lab at an elementary school.... Browserquest - A very simple, short online MMO. It's really a PoC toy made by Mozilla to demonstrate HTML5. I revisit from time to time. Cute, fun, but...
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    Hacking PS4 FW 4.73 and updating

    How about, rather than throwing abusive language around and giving bad, shallow advice, we give the OP a perspective. If you want to play the latest games, use all the online features, etc...then go ahead and update. As a general rule, though, the lower your firmware, the better your odds of...
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    Nintendo removed Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze from Wii U eShop.

    I find the outrage and hate toward Nintendo to be a bit overblown over this (prior to it being added back in). As stated, the game came out several years ago. Anyone who wanted it on Wii U would have likely bought it, already. And saying taking it off to force people to buy it on Switch may...
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    There are only two genders. Change my mind.

    My point with that part was that it's not necessary in normal conversation. The only time I need to know anything about your anatomy or your mental sex/gender information is if that is specifically what we are discussing or we're negotiating a possible relationship. If we're discussing the...
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    There are only two genres. Change my mind.

    Please keep this civil.
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    There are only two genders. Change my mind.

    The problem is (as it ALWAYS is) that these vocal minorities are the ones spreading hate and playing the victim. But then, rational people rarely are heard. The politicians, the ones that want to enslave all the non-binaries, will take these loud bullies as the example of the people who want...
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    There are only two genders. Change my mind.

    The problem with the whole gender thing is that people don't want to be "locked in" to 2 genders, but they ALSO don't want to be locked into 3,256,987 genders, either. The strongest advocates for this aren't looking to help anyone. They're looking for power and control. You can't make laws...
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    There are only two genders. Change my mind.

    Well, since this has spiraled from a gender discussion to an all-out discussion on equality...I'll chime in again. The basic problem, in my opinion, is that people don't WANT to be treated equally. People want to be given more than the next guy, girl, or <custom gender here>. Add to that idea...
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