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    I have a crush

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    Comment by '2Thumbs' in 'I have a crush'

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    Hacking WARNING: Buying legit Hori sreen protectors

    I personally wouldn't risk it. I had to remove the top protector and I had no problem and it didn't leave anything behind on the screen. I doubt the fake would be like that. Also the quality is really inferior.
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    Hacking Ultimate 8gig Micro sdhc

    I mirror this. Been perfect so far. I did format it with Panasonic SD formating tool before using it though.
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    Gaming Anti-Virus

    If you're tight, like me, try Avira AntiVir. Awesome Anti-Virus program, the database in the free version is identical to the paid 'Pro' version.
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    Hacking New/Different CycloDS

    Good move IMO. Gives the user an incentive to install the latest FW from the get go, which should solve alot of problems with new users.
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    Hardware GBA + DSL Which carts or combos

    I have the CycloDS and EZ' 3-in-1, cant fault it. Except I cant get Aria of Sorrow to save, but that's a common problem.
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    Hacking Custom gbaframe.bmp support...

    Thanks again for the help! Not sure which it was because I did both, but I just named the file gbaframe as it was already a .bmp file, and I also converted it using Paint where before I used Photoshop. Looking awesome now!
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    Hacking WARNING: Buying legit Hori sreen protectors

    I managed to compare a fake (far more professional than the OP now) with a genuine one today, here's some pics so people know what to look for. Fake: Left, Genuine: Right... Fake... (the English text still really gives it away) Genuine... The difference in quality between the 'films'...
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    Hacking Custom gbaframe.bmp support...

    Cheers guys, will give it a go later.
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    Hacking Custom gbaframe.bmp support...

    Strange stuff. You running the latest firmware (1.51) aswell?
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    we should have this emoticon too!

    I for one welcome our new Orc overlords...
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    Hacking Custom gbaframe.bmp support...

    Does the CycloDS still support this? All searching comes back with 1.4beta supporting it but nothing for later versions. Tried putting it in root, in the cyclods folder, in the skin folder, in the folder with the skin I'm currently using. Still not working. It's the right size, with the right...
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    Hacking I've finally got EZ Flash 3 in 1 expansion pak

    First of all, good choice on the CycloDS/3-in-1 combo. Well played. *Download the firmware (1.51) from either the teamcyclops website or the download section on here, extract the .EVO file from the zip file, place it on your memory card, put that in your Cyclo', fire it up and it should do it...
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