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Game name Maboroshi Tsukiyo
First released on
Thursday 23rd of September 1993
Platform(s) DC, PS1
Views 978 times
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Maboroshi Tsukiyo Summary

Maboroshi Tsukiyo is a visual novel adventure game that originated on Dreamcast and was ported to PlayStation platform half a year later. The game features fullscreen presentation with dialogue and description text displayed over dimmed background rather than utilizing dialogue windows. The story progresses one day at the time and takes place between June and September. The protagonists whose name can be entered by the player or left the default one, is a high-school student who one day meets Ayame, a ghost girl, who starts living with him. Ayame cannot do much in her ghost form, but she can possess someone else's body. Suddenly, our protagonist's peaceful life turns to mystery and adventure filled one. Based on player's actions as well as events in the past intertwined with present story, the game will branch in a certain direction and lead to one of several different endings.

Maboroshi Tsukiyo releases

  Region Release date Platform
Flag Japan Thursday 23rd of September 1993 Dreamcast
Flag Japan Thursday 6th of April 2000 PlayStation