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XMBShell 1.0

- Simple installer
- 2D text scroll function
- IntraFont and SCE dialogs
- Excellent graphics
- ICON0.PNG and PIC1.PNG included in XMB menu(by SchmilK)
- Extract 7Z archives
- Extract RAR and ZIP archives with or without password
- Choose path to extract archives
- Start games/homebrews/plugins(ELF, ISO/CSO, PBP and PRX)
- Run PSX games
- Load Sony and M33 updater
- Launch UMD
- UMD auto-start function
- "UMD" displayed only, when a UMD inserted is
- Back to XMBShell, when exit the application
- Copy, cut, delete, rename, create a new folder in file manager
- Show properties and size of the file in byte, KB or MB
- Show properties of folders
- Use image as wallpaper(press /\ in Image viewer)
- Open images(GIF, JPG/JPEG and PNG)
- Rotate images
- Blit images fit to screen
- Animate GIF images
- Next/previous image function with R and L buttons
- Show height and width of images under properties
- Play videos(AVC, PMF and PMP)
- Play music formats(AA3, AAC, FLAC, MP3, OGG, OMA and OMG)
- Show Album, Title, Artist, Year and Genre informations of the song
- Next/previous song function with R and L buttons
- Pause, resume and play song forward
- Battery-saver modus(only in Music player)
- Read all text files(CFG, INI, TXT or other files...)
- Load flash files(HTM/HTML, PHP and SWF)
- Download the newest version of XMBShell with the Network Updater
- Camera function
- Launch Internet browser(
- Internet search
- Load Go!Messenger
- Connect USB ms0, flash0, flash1, flash2, flash3 or UMD disc
- Change photo, music, video and game paths
- Change CPU speed in music player(75, 100, 133, 222, 266, 300 and 333)
- Take a screenshot with NOTE(music symbol)
- Change the nickname
- Change CPU speed(75, 100, 133, 222, 266, 300 and 333)
- Change password
- Start control function
- Use background as original, classic or wallpaper
- Enable Flash player and WMA playback
- Restore default settings
- Show system informations
- Show battery informations under system-settings
- Browse in ms0, flash0 and flash1
- Possibility to editing in flash0 and flash1
- Show free space of the memory stick in byte, KB or MB
- Show battery and time
- Show the version of XMBShell
- NEOFlash splash screen
- Reboot XMBshell, reset system, shutdown system, suspend system and exit XMBShell in Exit menu

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