XCI_Builder v0.7

NSP to XCI file converter.

  1. JRoad
    A simple batchfile to convert Nintendo Switch nsp files (digital format) to xci files (cartridge format) based in LucaFraga's hacbuild.

    This tool purpose is to convert nsp files to xci files.


    This is a batch application which serves to automate the workflow between the following programs:

    a.) hacbuild: Program meant to create xci files from nca files, made by LucaFraga.


    b.) hactool: Program which function is give information, decrypt and extract a lot of different kind of files us by the NX System.
    Hactool was made by SciresM


    c.) nspBuild: Program meant to create nsp files from nca files.
    nspBuild was made by CVFireDragon

    Change log:
    v0.7 - Cleaned echos giving better input to the user about the process
    Added compatibility with XCI_BatchBuilder.
    Erased auto-exit at the end of program so it can be used by command line if you want.


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