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WireWorld DS 1.0 RC1

QUOTE(asiekierka)WireWorld DS is a DS version of a cellular automation under the same name.So far it has:- basic WireWorld implemented- editor builtin- clear/clear electrons- settings, some more settings!- a title screen- scrolling.Well, it's my first DS homebrew utility.About WireWorldWireWorld has 4 states:space - represented by blackwire - represented by goldspark - represented by redtail - represented by blueSpark changes to tail.Tail changes to wire.Wire changes to spark if it's surrounded by 1 or 2 sparks.Even with so simple rules, it's able to implement many stuff in it, even a computer! (Don't try it at home, kids) Changelog:1.0 RC1:! The first released 1.0 version!+ scrolling finished/ scanline/refresh bug fixed* Moved to a 1D array (now some code uses one for instead of two, but some still needs 2D, and so i use a 1D-to-2D #define converter)$ something else maybe, i don't know1.0 beta 0:! Had this evil scanline/refresh bug.+ scrolling half-done

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