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Wii Sports Resort NTSC-U Save

Use this Wii Sports Resort save to bypass the Wii MotionPlus video and Skydiving game for the first time playing it, for those who have some problems (e.g. After the Wii MotionPlus video may go to the system menu (Wii Menu) or black screen) in this game in some USB/DVD backup loaders, so you don't want to use the alternate DOL. Also, this save will unlock a few stuff. This is for NTSC-U (the American version) only!Instructions:1. Download the ZIP file by clicking the Download button below of this page. Save this to your desktop.2. Extract the ZIP file.3. Click the extracted ZIP folder (WiiSportsResort folder)4. Use your SD card on your computer, and copy the WIISAVES folder to the root of your SD card.5. Copy the save-installer folder to the apps folder in your SD card.6. Take out your SD card from your computer and put it on your Wii.7. Turn on your Wii, and navigate to The Homebrew Channel.8. In The Homebrew Channel, navigate to Savegame Installer.9. Insert the NTSC-U (the American version) version of Wii Sports Resort DVD (retail or backup). Press the reset button on your Wii console to install.10. Once it finishes, go to the USB/DVD loader for Wii, launch your game and that's it. Enjoy!If you have any problems, PM me or discuss this topic, provided in the link below.
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