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Wii-Gamecube Multigame ISO Creator 4.0.4F+

NOTE: If you are using a Softmod, Use Version 3.5.4F+ instead!

Wii - GameCube MultiGame ISO Creator v4.0.4F+

What's new:
* Fixed: Regioncode at offset 0x03 set.
* Added: Rename games when multigame iso is created, source games are untouched now.
* Added: Switched to .Net 4.0 Framework.


Create GameCube MultiGame Images for you Wii the easy way !!
The Image will selfboot on your Wii and GameCube.

.Net 4.0 Framework required.

Add some GameCube Images (iso, gcm) to the list.
You can rename gamenames (select game and press F2) and move the images up and down in the list.
Tick the Shrink checkbox and the Image will be shrunk prior to adding it to the multigame image.
(Shrunken Images are placed in the "Compressed Images" folder in the application folder.)
Select the region of your Wii.
Click "Create MultiGame ISO" button.

Based on the source of SELFBOOT GCOS MultiGame Version of Emu_kidid.


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