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This application lets you boot homebrew in your DS using a wifi connection.It sets a TCP connection with the server app and this sends the app to boot,the client writes it in the SD using libfat and then it's booted using bootlib1.3.Requisites:----------- - Computer with JAVA SE Virtual Machine installed. - Wifi connection with the port to be used being opened (default port 9999). Instructions:-------------- 1) Run the server using the file run.bat (or writing other equivalent script for other systems like Linux or MacOSX). This file can be edited in order to change the port that will be used by the server (default port 9999). 2) Run the client in your NintendoDS. It will connect using the wifi configuration that is stored in your DS and has been set through commercial games. After that it will connect to the server. The connection parameters can be set throught the application called WifiloaderCfg.jar which will modify the .nds, .ds.gba and .sc.nds files. 3) Once client has connected to the server, you will be asked for a file to send in your computer. Select it and it will be sent to your DS. 4) When it has finished, you will be asked for pressing A in your DS in order to boot the application.

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