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WAD Manager (wiiNinja Mod) 1.7 Mod1

Based on Waninkoko's WAD Manager 1.7 and Sorg's mods, WiiNinja created a modified version that also allows going into directories.

Config file format:
- wm_config.txt resides in sd:/wad, and it is optional. You will get all the prompts if you don't have this file.
- The param keywords are case-sensitive at this point.
- No spaces precede the keyword on a line
- If you don't have a password in the config file, there will be no password
- If you don't have a startupPath, the default is /wad
- If you don't have any of the other parameters, it will prompt you for it
- To bypass any of the params, just comment out the line using a ";" at the beginning of the line
- Blank lines are ignored.

; Password=your_password (LRUD only, where L=left, R=right, U=up, D=down on the WiiMote or GC Controller, max 10 characters)
; StartupPath=startupPath (starting at the root dir "/"). Be sure that the path exists, else you will get an error.


; Example of StartupPath at the root of the SD card

; cIOS: 249, 222, whatever

; FatDevice: sd usb usb2 gcsda gcsdb

; NANDDevice: Disable SD USB
; Note that WM will prompt for NAND device only if you selected cIOS=249

; Disclaimer: 0 or 1. Default is 1

; Music: 0 or 1. Default is 1

I've done some testing with installing/uninstalling wads, but did nothing with the NAND stuff.
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