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UsrCheatUp 2.4

With this tool you can update the cheats database on your flashcard directly from your DS. It requires a full working Wi-Fi Internet connection already setted up on your DS.UsrCheatUp supports all the files of the gbatemp cheat database:- CHEAT.DAT- CHEAT.DAT (UE)- CHEAT.DAT (J)- CHEAT.DB- CHEATS.XML- EDGEcheats.DAT- EZARCODE.DAT- USRCHEAT.DAT- user.evoCHEATSUSAGE:Patch UsrCheatUp.nds with the DLDI driver for your card (not always needed). Put it were you want on your flash card. After the first time launching it, UsrCheatUp.nds will create the configuration file UsrCheatUp.ini in the root matching your card type (If you are updating from an older version you have to delete the old one).SETTINGS:You can edit it if you want to change the save location, the auto power off function or the file to download (v 1.5 and above).-cht_file: 0(usrcheat.dat) - 1(user.EvoCheats.dat) - 2(EDGEcheats.dat) - 3(ezarcode.dat) - 4(cheat.db) - 5(Cheat.xml) - 6(CHEAT(J).DAT) - 7(CHEAT(UE).DAT) - 8(CHEAT.DAT)ABOUT THE CHEATS:The file you are downloading is created by Narin from ( ) contact him for info about cheats.[EDIT]Title is too long and has been edited for a second time. The next time we have to edit it this file will be removed. -The Staff

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