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uCON64 2.0.0

[note: you can get builds for many other platforms on the project homepage]

uCON64 - THE tool for all your video game console concerns.

Its main features are:
- It is Open Source Software
- (Therefore) support for MANY platforms like: Unix, Win32, MSDOS, etc...
- Support for 14+ different cartridge and disc-based video game console systems
- Support for ALL common patch file formats like: IPS *), APS, BSL, PPF and
Game Genie
*) with RLE compression
- Support for 10+ different backup units to backup/restore ROM(s), disc(s) and
SRAM(s) like: Flash Advance Linker, Flash 2 Advance, Doctor V64 (Junior),
Super Wild Card, Game Doctor, Dexdrive, Super Magic Drive, Game Boy Xchanger,
Mad Catz Camera Link, Lynxit, MD-PRO, SMS-PRO, PCE-PRO, GG-PRO, Super Flash
and your CD-writer.
- Finally 150+(!) different options/features for every kind of ROM
handling/management known to man :-)

*VERY* verbose ROM information for ALL systems, detection of bad dumps using
internal checksums or DAT files, CRC32 calculation, ROM comparison,
modification (strip, pad, etc...), SRAM conversion (emulator backup
unit), DiscJuggler and Nero image conversions, complete gzip and zip support
for all file-related funtions, etc...
- Always up-to-date with support for new shit, trends, formats, and headers
like UNIF (NES), NSRT (SNES), new DAT file formats, etc...
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