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TweakDISPLAY 1.0.1151

TweakDISPLAY brings to you 23 INCREDIBLE Real Time visual effects that in that work in both Homebrew and Retail Games as well as in the XMB for watching UMD's, pictures, videos.

The newness that you'll discover in your device by using this, would be comparable to upgrading from Black & White TV to a modern digital HDTV.

The main priority has been to create a very heavily optimized and tweaked product that would excite everyone. With performance being maxed out, most of the effects including Flipped XMB run at FULL 60 FPS and with memory footprint being virtually ZERO - you can't go wrong.

- Grayscale
- Contrast Boost
- Physical Display Flip Mode
- Brightness Boost
- Color Filters
- Stylish Music Visualizer
- Color Filters, Negatives
- Artistic modes
- and more

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