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The Legend Of Zelda - ALTTP & 4 Swords

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA - A LINK TO THE PAST/4 SWORDS The reason we have made this save is because unless you have a friend or more, with a GBA each and a copy of the game, plus 3 link cables, you cannot play the 'Palace Of The 4 Swords' in 'A Link To The Past' or the 'Lumberjack Challenge' in 'A Link To The Past'. The .zip contains two .sav files: 1. Four swords 100% complete, A Link To The Past completed with all items and hearts. This .sav allows all extras in A Link To The Past To Be played, i.e walk forward to enter The Palace Of The 4 Swords. 2. Four swords 100% complete, A Link To The Past has the second dungeon in the Dark World completed. This .sav is for those who have just started the game, and will allow all extras to be played once A Link To The Past has been completed. This .sav will work on VBA and all Flashcards. There is also a Gamshark Save for those who don't have a Flash Card. Enjoy! -Thug and Nicko-Further Information:

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