Tempcast #37 2021-05-02

mGBA and Dolphin connectivity, Konami ditches E3 & more!

  1. relauby
    Look, I'll be honest with you: not a lot happened this week. We tried to talk about the new connectivity between the Dolphin emulator and mGBA, but we ended up talking about GameBoy Advance Video cartridges. We tried to talk about Konami ditching E3, and just talked about how weird Yu-Gi-Oh! is nowadays. The real death knell this week was the Among Us jokes. I don't know what to tell you. They can't all be homeruns. At least we give Activision hell, if that's your thing.

    0:00 - Intro
    1:04 - Dolphin and mGBA emulators can now talk to each
    5:32 - We reminisce about Game Boy Advance Video
    12:27 - Konami ditches E3
    20:58 - Among Us coming to PS5
    24:00 - Stupid Activision sh*t
    28:52 - Outro