Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World (US) 2019-09-12

100% Complete Save!

  1. delta7890
    Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World000.
    All games complete!
    Luigi used for all stages in SMB2.
    SMB3 save file features one of every item in the game.

    SMW Save File Details:
    Slot 1:
    96 exits found, season changed to autumn.
    Slot 2: 95 exits found, save file altered to lock season as spring. (Completing "Funky" will not change the season to autumn! As a side-effect, Mario can't move left from Funky to access the warp to return to Yoshi's House.)
    Slot 3: Yoshi's Island 1 and Yellow Switch Palace completed. (Nice for looking around Dinosaur Land without seeing its landscape changed by completing courses.)