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Super Mario 64 DS (U) +12

It includes:Infinite HealthInfinite LivesInfinite Coins (Current Level)InvincibilityMulti-Jump/FlyNever Lose Cap (Mario, Wario, Luigi)Have All StarsHave All CoinsAll Mini Games UnlockedAll Castle Doors UnlockedCharacter Modifier (Hold Key Combo When Entering Door/Painting) - Yoshi = L+R+Up Wario = L+R+Left Luigi = L+R+Right Mario = L+R+DownSize Modifier - Big = L+R+A+Up Huge = L+R+A+Down Small = L+R+A+Right Normal = L+R+A+Select Paper Mario = L+R+A+B Paper Mario 2 = L+R+A+LeftApply the corresponding IPS patch(es) to the patched game to turn off the cheat(s) that you don't want.comments from the uploader:I used the "0056 - Super Mario 64 DS (U)(Trashman) ROM" and it worked

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