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Speed Tester for LibFat w/ DLDI Support

Website: and DescriptionIn brief: testing the speed of your memory card directly from your DS or GBA.In length: Originally, this program was designed to test the reading speed of a CompactFlash card using libfat for carts on the GBA. Currently the this program is able to test how fast data can be read from a Secure Digital card as well on both the GBA and NDS. It works on any adapter supported by libfat, including those with DLDI drivers.For GBAtemp, this program would most likely be useful for this testing access times of a microSD card.NDS Users, please DLDI patch or allow automatic DLDI patching to occur.What's Included*Source Code*GBA Binary*DS Binary*Required Test File: test_sectors.binInterpretation of Results1.000 x 10^3 μSeconds = 1000 μSeconds = 1.000 millisecondsEx: 0.2 milliseconds = 200 μSecondsTeam Cyclops Interpretation Access Time:You can bench mark the Random Access Time of your MicroSD by running it with a PC program called "HDTach". This isn't accurate sometimes, and can show a higher figure than the true figure of the card at the time due to the USB drive being used or the speed of the computer at the time.There is a NDS Homebrew called "speedtest for libfat" which can accurately benchmark the Random Access Time within the Flash Cart itself.If the Random Access Time is 0.7ms or below, the game will never lock up at any point, ever.If the Random Access Time is between 0.8ms and 1.2ms, the game will be playable, and sometimes freeze while going from one portal to another, or while pausing/unpausing. It is not very frequent though, making the game playable.If the Random Access Time is above 1.2ms, especially higher than 2.0ms, then the chances of the ROM locking-up or freezing become increasingly high, and the game will randomly lock up at any point, regardless of what you are doing in the game - even while just running around in one spot.
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