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SoftChip R100

What is Softchip?

Softchip began life as a Wii disc loader for the Nintendo Wii. It has sense evolved into something more. There are a number of utility programs that are being developed, as well as testing modules for as-of-yet unreleased additions and features. We're hoping that we can expand beyond the niche of backup disc loading and appeal to the entire homebrew community.

The Softchip platform can go far beyond simple disc loading. With recent developments in IOS modification, USB 2.0 devices have (some limited) support. SD/HC cards are supported by the core libraries. The Wii is truly one of the homebrew community's gems, and we wish build upon the successes of ourselves and others.

Most importantly, Softchip is, always has been, and always will be 100% free. The software does not cost anything to download or use, and the source code is always available for the public. Any utilities built into the Softchip platform will be given freely for the community to use, learn from, build from, and even base their own projects around. If you have ever paid for Softchip or any related utilities, you have been ripped off.
What Softchip is not

Softchip is not, nor never has been a piracy platform. The loader began as a project to understand more about the way Wii discs were treated by the system to allow legitimate backups of Wii discs to be executed by the system. While this did indeed make it easier for some users to pirate software, this was an unfortunate side-effect and a necessary compromise due to the nature of backup discs themselves. We do not support piracy in any form and any questions regarding usage of the Softchip platform for piracy will be forwarded to /dev/null.
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