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Saving Santa

Description:Saving Santa is an fast-paced, addictive mini game where you have to protect Santa on his journey around the globe during the Christmas Night. The dangers he faces are giant, monstrous snowflakes falling from the sky and you protect him by using your trusty magical bubble cannon.Controls:draw circles around the falling monster snowflakes with the stylus.Drawing circles costs mana. You gain mana by successfully trapping monsters.Each time a monster snowflake hits the shield around Santa, you lose Health Points (hp). When your HP reaches zero, the game is over.Special Instructions:Put the data directory in the root folder of the homebrew card and then launch one of the nds files.You may have to DLDI patch the .nds file because the game uses libfat\'s read and write.The game works fine on my ds-x and m3 lite. I have not got it running on any emulator because of libfat.

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