Rockman ZX (JP, raw save format) 2019-09-10

100% Complete Save! Active save slots used for Vent in Normal Mode

  1. delta7890
    Rockman ZX (Undub)__29358.png
    Data 1: Game Clear file. Active mission: Destroy Model V. Load for rematches against the eight Pseudoroids and the final battle against Serpent.
    Data 2: Active mission: Stop the Dig. Load for quick access to Pandora fight, followed by Prometheus & Pandora fight in the next mission.
    Data 3: Active mission: Protect Base. Load for quick access to Prometheus fight.

    Hard Mode unlocked! Model X available in all save slots!
    Keep Model X in any new game!

    Data 1 Details:
    Model OX obtained!
    All 8 Pseudoroid dolls (signifying Level 4 Victories) obtained in Prairie's room.
    All side quests complete.
    Secret Disk database complete.
    All Life Up upgrades, Sub Tanks, and items (including Cake!) obtained.
    All mini games in Morgan's arcade in Area C-2 unlocked.
    All Trans Servers and area routes discovered.

    Additional Notes:
    All other save slots feature all obtainable items, side quest cleared, etc up to their respective points in the game. Though not shown, Hard Mode and Aile's story have been cleared within this save data. All rewards for doing so have been unlocked as mentioned above. No cheats used with the exception of infinite E. Crystals.

    Best played with geo-kun's excellent undub patch found here: