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Return of the Jodi 1.0

This is the Lego Star Wars exploit known as "Return of the Jodi". This exploit
works on all versions of the game (including 1.01) in all regions that are
currently known to have a release.


1. Copy the save to your SD card.
2. Put a "boot.elf" (such as the HackMii installer or Homebrew Channel) into the
ROOT of your SD card (not into any folder).
3. Copy the save to your Wii system, make sure you have a save for this game
already on your system, otherwise you won't be able to copy the exploit
save over.
4. Start up the game, load the first save slot (on the left, at 0.0%)
5. As soon as the level loads, run to the right and you'll see two characters
floating. Run to the area in front of them and you'll see "Return of Jodi"
show up, press the "A" button on your Wiimote and your boot.elf will run!

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