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R6 Homebrew Menu 0.3

Mk6 burn-R6 Homebew Menu V0.3 [July.18th 2007]
[1] Fixed some major bugs of the loader, now i think all homebrew can run very well, Thanks chishm's help very much! Smiley
[2] Have updated the game roms loader V0.2 ,now can auto backup/restore the game save file to TF.
[3] Built in the Moonshell V1.71, thanks moonlight

How to burn the R6 menu to the R6 menu flash ?
[1] use any slot-1 or slot-2 to run this "Mk6_burn-R6_Homebew_Menu_Vx.x.nds";
[2] when you see the screen ask you press START to burn the MK6/R6, please insert the R6 cart, and press START;
[3] after it finish,then can re-power on your NDS to try the R6 menu.


Mk6 burn-R6 Homebew Menu V0.1 [July.17th 2007]
[1] This is the first demo version,can load homebrew from TF and run
[2] The "NEO_MENU_v1.5_R6_Demo_V0.1.nds" is for load the nds game,but it's demo version too
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